Painted poems


making you i get unmade
within your eyes i lose my self
your broken tears made me weep
a few hiccuping fears
i hope i find myself in you
colours that come when heart’s afire
trying to find you with my eyes
find me o mendicant
n bring me home
7th sept 2013

this is for today
a homage to losing and surviving.
may we survive n find our voids.
20th sept 2013

trying to find my identity
through my own pieces
where do i live
what am i here
‘why’ is a question i cannot ask
there is no answer good enough
for that
24 sep 2013

will i ever find you
will i ever realise you
O this self talk
so much talk
so many colours
no meeting my bodhisatva
ever in any lane
in any moment
2nd oct 2013


painting your feet
O elephant headed one
bless me with a heart like yours
grant me your blue calm
and your wisdom that sees beyond all
bless me O gajraj

some words uttered, a glance and a smile sublime
and this heart turned vagabond
it finds no home
rich in your words
it goes from door to door
this dervish begs to know your name
16th oct 2013

colors yellow and blue
merge and turn iridescent jewel green
un merge to show their individuality
one looses oneself and becomes a beautiful someone
let go and be
16th oct 2013


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