In the art Street market 

For a very very long time, i have been very hesitant to put up my works or show them off to people outside the bubble i know. Yesterday, I participated in the ChitraSanthe 2017 bangalore. Stepped into in for the very first time, after a lot of conversations with very supportive friends. They might wanna kill me now on how unsure i was and how much i pestered them for their time and support.
Arvind, Adhya, a few friends who may be very pissed, the framers (Balaji, Sheshadripuram), the auto wala (Shiva).. these were the support system on making it happen.

Reaching early morn, racing with the sun, starting early for setting up – it was all exhilarating.  The people, the ambience of the place, the whole thing, being my first, i guess i freaked out a bit. Was sorta finding it all surreal. The whole day was crazy.

Deeply thankful to each and every person who came in and appreciated my work, people returning and re- returning just to see the art, people came in to help and support, women came in to talk with their reluctant husbands, husbands who went back to get their wives to recheck my works.

All my works went to wonderful houses with art passionate people.  They have promised to send me pics of where they will hang my precious ones.

Some works were bought after a lot of bargaining. That was the only negative to the whole day. But overall it was a good day. Happy and thankful to all the people who made my day a memorable one.


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