The day didnt start, the night elongated and stretched in to bleak and pain.

Hadnt slept a wink all night from back pain, finally gave up and got off the bed at 5 and took a painkiller
Rested back for a bit and then went back to the daily grind. Cooking, packing tiffins, cleaning the home and then gearing up for a long day at college.
Took a bus and went to class. Sat till 2 and then left thinking i will just check in on dhanvantri on the way home. Was planning on sleeping for the rest of the day.
But then dhanvantri the beloved, she pulls one to herself and doesnt let go.
There was chandana and Yash at site. Who despite being paint spattered had to had to hug. Eww. Friends.. smile makers, helpers, shoulder that one leans on, and oafs one smokes in secret with behind the backs of family.
After seeing the devastation on the site, what with white washed walls, which thankfully some were salvaged by yash by marking out precious existing paintings.
He roped me in to paint an image of Thimmaka, who personally I have very high regards for. In the times of ugly consumerism and capitalism, such gems are making our future secure.
A lot of the lady construction workers approached us while working and appreciated Chandana who is working on Akka Mahadevi’s enchanting portrait. The bubbly girl spoke to all with enthusiam and warmth, a joy to work besides.
Osheen and Abhijeet are working on the site too, there work speaks for itself.
Their level of skill and passion towards the art is truly inspiring for me.

We were joined by a whole lot of college mates.. rishi, anusha, griffith, Anand, keertana.. took them around the site and offered them to start their drawings. The fact that they love me a lot shows cos no one beat me up after the bullying by me. The day that started on a very pain filled note was looking so promising every moment. Sharing water, mangoes and chocolates, somehow while sharing, a single bite is enough to satisfy one.
The worker ladies strolled in to view my work and said that they like it. These words spoken from the heart are very precious.
We gently coaxed them to sketch with us by offering them chalk to work along side us.
Two of them took the offerings and started to draw. Tiny dots in rows and columns, initially confusing but very soon realised they are drawing the alpanas.
Beautiful, heart warming alpanas.
Such pretty ones. After a check with yash, we will include them on the walls tomorrow. Hoping to see them again .

Abhijeet is working on a kingfisher. Anusha has connected beautifully with the local children. Rishi was drawing a frog around the ancient pond. Anand was doing his own thing and i am looking forward to seeing his work cos i have tremendous respect for him. Him painting on the wall is great. Griffith is drawing an adapting Octopuss holding ancient faces in tow.
Appreciate the love and support of all my fellow artists.
Please do check to see what magic are we weaving alongside the bihari and kannadiga construction workers at Dhanvantri underpass.


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