A day of sharing smiles

Walking to the site from the bus stop carrying my paintings which vyas has very generously picked from the framers and Given to me. 
Back of the painting. 
The framing cost for these portraits was very generously split across with two pals who offered to do so. Vyas and Chandana. Thanks a ton guys.

I see yash working on his project at the wall, and Murali tagging on. My cajoling yash to hand over at least one of the paintings i carried to the kids doesn’t work. 

Rounded up Murali and gave him his portrait. He was not that excited about it initially. Shy maybe. Left the painting near me, to go get raju and Ajmer. I just stayed on the road and bugged my pal who’s work is so amazing although very time consuming. Later the two boys came walking down. On handing the painting of raju to him, he was shy. He thanked me though it wasn’t needed and made me a bit uncomfortable. 

We left to catch Ajmer at his place. This was such a great idea. They took me in to their beautiful lanes. 

On the way they would pause and show their portraits very proudly to all the ladies sitting in the corridor, and i was welcomed. 

I could see a bit of acceptance in their eyes. 

And then I was inundated with requests to paint them, their infants, their husbands and their babies all..

One lady came out with photos of her family clicked at a studio and asked me to take pics so that i could paint all her babies. She posed and asked me to paint her too. So many requests..

Overwhelmed by the energy, i took pictures, videos and smiled. So many women, bringing their sleepy infants picked from their naps, lost to the world and dazed. and hurriedly smartened with quick fingers.. 

shy girls being scolded and schooled into smiling and posing.

 Being a mother with a child who dislikes being photographed, i can understand the kid’s temperament and gently requested the mother to stop. 

Looked into the girl’s eyes and smiled warmly at her, and promptly clicked pics of the reluctant girl. I do not know if i will ever be able to paint their portraits but i will surely try.  

While going in there was this guy who was a corporator and wanted to help me paint. I showed him my pal, and asked him to go help him. He made a face at that suggestion and insisted he wanted to help me. I quickly told him my project is done. This guy hung on for the whole trip, talking loudly and trying to be important. Note to self: do not talk to ALL the people who approach u when u r painting on the street, learn ways to brush off such people. 

And then while coming out of their community corridor on to the road, a man stopped me and asked me to paint a large 2 by 2 portrait of a very prominent political person. That was getting a little too weird for me. Nodding profusely, i nudged Rraju and Murali to leave. They could feel my discomfort and we left, thankfully, and then i sent Raju promptly to his brother’s shop which he was supposedly working in today. Sat a while near my college pal and chatted.   

In the bus leaving for home. 

Home is a bit messy, even with all the scrubbing and polishing that i am trying to do at home. For breakfast gave the kiddo bread and butter which she was very grumbly about. The family expects spicy tasty innovative and complete meals for all the three times and i try and cajole them with bread butters, pohe, dosais, and easy quick meals. A mountain of grumbles are building up in them which will eventually break. I am just hoping they stay the understanding fellows that they both are, for a really really long time.  


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