The wall and the ick factor..

Pic courtesy Osheen

Working right at the edge of a drain…   there’s the bright blue tarpaulin i use to carry my stencils safely in, and to keep my bag on, and if needed to rest on. All the garbage that is visible on the road right next to me keeps falling from above, where the houses are.  By the time I am done for the day, it feels so dirty, can’t even touch my own hands(does that make sense?). In the bus on the way back, its always important to remember not to touch any cute looking kids. As soon as i am home after this, i take a long hot shower scrubbing my hands and my hair thoroughly. The clothes worn for the day get a good long soaking and scrubbing. Not even week long sabbaticals from taking baths while trekking in nepal (cos it was too cold) ever felt this icky.  But, love the whole process, and will definitely continue to paint on the street. 

Seen in the pic are Yash and me. He was documenting the process. 


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