When one can’t get enough of something.

This was a day of its own.. Started with cutting my next stencil. Traditional miniature style love birds, both female, cuddling and taking a selfie.. it took a while to draw and redraw cos I couldn’t get a face right. 

After cutting, packed up and took a pool cab to the site. A techie sitting in the cab next to me was very keen on talking, so had to skip my customary uber nap. Upon hearing I am an artist and a student, he started asking me about my financials. I told him i’ll get there one day. Right now I am just happy that the start Bangalore team is giving me and my friends all the paint we need and the permissions and arranging all the factors for being able to paint unhindered. The fact that i am a woman and painting on streets makes him probably question me more insistently. Changing tactics i started talking to him in his boardroom language, the art being a project and the wall being my interface, about interacting with the street. I don’t think we understood each other much. He kept on trying to figure out the financials and the time constraints of an artist living in ibalur and working at a wall on Dhanvantri and studying in Ckp. I wish I had pretended to sleep. 

Upon reaching my location met Osheen and Yash. I put up the stencil and proceeded to paint quickly before the back pain kicked in. 

Yash was documenting me today. Planning to show it to my kiddo and wait for her reaction. 

Last time when we went to the site together she was a little freaked out with all the people approaching us to know what we are doing and accidentally threw my phone in the piss ditch. That though is a story for another day..

Yash, me and Osheen, went in to meet Vyas who is painting nearby  on the house walls of two local residents, transforming ordinary into extraordinary. I say it was the best suggestion Yash gave me today.

 I am amazed and am feeling humbled to be able to visit the homes of the people who live here. A tiny corridor, its beyond words. Overwhelming. The place is so Lived. One steps out of the road into a whole community’s living room. 

Small one room houses stand in a line facing a 6-7ft wide corridor. 

This is where the magic happens. Washing, cooking, sitting , chatting, just lazing and feeling the sun after a rain sprinkle.  Reminds me so much of my nana’s home not the physicality of it but the feel of it… Makes me nostalgic. I wish she was alive. Remember sleeping in her lap while she lazily combed my hair. Playing with the neighbours kids and their goats, rabbits, pigeons, dogs, cats and envying the hell outta them and cribbing with mom on why couldn’t we live there in nana’s home in the village permanently. My mum had to drag me back home, after the holidays were over. Which i would be wholeheartedly protesting against, kicking and screaming.

This was a visit back.. eyes agog, wonderment in my heart, we just walked in right to the end where Vyas was working on his walls.. So envious of him right now. 

We stayed for a while, i hungrily looked and looked, quenching that part of me which still is sleeping in Nana’s lap.

On the way back saw women preparing for a meal probably, peeling onions. So tempted to go sit with them. We overvalue our posh houses in our posh localities. They are dead and pretentious places to go to, to feel arrived.   

Otherwise our most cherished memories still stay of moments long gone, of just being somewhere or with someone. Our houses, cars and bank balances never feature in them.

Yeah, we did the cliche wristband pics, purchased from a tiny store in the same place, where Raju got me a cakepop. 

Then there was this gem of a child in the same state as one of my artworks. 

Later after a coffee thanks to Vyas, goofed with a defunct car. 

And that is our present team of goofy artists from Ckp along with Murali, Vyas, Dushyant, Param, Osheen, Raju the man and Yash from left to right respectively. The bubbly Chandana was sorely missed. 

It is such a great opportunity that this team enables me to have. Appreciate my team so much.

On the way home now. Standing amidst flowers after a bus change. No wonder I love travelling in buses. 

And this babydoll is sleeping and I am freakofying at how cute she is.. 


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