Painting on a wall, the First day

The house is a huge mess. Kitchen untouched. Nursing a bad back.
What happened..
Wall mural at Dhanvantri road, Bangalore

First time ever. Me painting on the street.

Numerous site visits, numerous ideas kicked down kudos to my thankless pals, and finally I get to work on my own wall ( the wall is not mine though, its only mine till the time i paint on it, and besides is it even then mine. Since the idea came on the street, the wall belongs to the street I guess) 


Sitting on the street in bangalore, again a first, squatting ( but not to go ) leaning on our famous piss stained walls..

Dhanvantri has a charm of its own. Its rude and crude when you first visit, as most beautiful streets are. But one needs to be persistent and keep at it. ( at what though.. walking looking digging spying musing interpreting) 

Working at the wall today I met over enthusiastic, gems of children. Murali, Raju and Ajmer.. Murali is a temple sculptor. Raju and Ajmer are in 8th and 6th std respectively.

Yeah we took selfies. Go fish! Ajmer, boy in white tee and Raju the boy in blue.

Raju, the man, as Ajmer calls him bashfully (maybe cos he doesn’t wanna talk about himself), is one of the most helpful chaps I have come across. Give him 10 years of unhindered opportunities and you wont even recognise him. He has a fan in me. A school break cos of a teachers meet, lucky for me that due to this i got two amazing assistants. Although i was the one assisting these two artists. 

So, the mural.. we ( the boys and me) started with the very first thing that comes to my mind, the question ‘why’

The image of a woman casually asking a peeing child, why?

Why do you pee on my walls? ( now the wall belongs to the artwork! ) 

To this the boy gestures – just because ! 

A playful take on the whole issue of public defecation Vis a vis the painted walls. The art work that we create are invisible to the one whom nature calls.

Just hustle to the side of the wall, open up the zip, and let go.. phew! Relief! Who the heck cares for the paint on walls.

But then.. 

When I will be working there tomorrow and the day after, will surely remember not to drink too much liquid! Hopefully she wont call me often, the bugger nature. 

Wish I could just go too whenever and wherever, side of street, near the walls, bushes, plants.. endless list! 

I am sure very few women have had this privilege or have the guts to do so openly. Note to self: wear a skirt. Find innovative ways to go..


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