an insane love song

who do i talk to
who does listen
who utters these words
who takes them in

who sits rapt and stares
who sees what you show
who shows what you see

am i in me
or do you speak through me
slowly i loose all identity

the beggar remains
the alms giver vanishes
within the alms i gave thee
somehow i lost my individuality

in consonance with your calls to me
through so many moments
we loose the sense of self preservation

i lost my cloak somewhere
I come sit at your steps
yours to command
at your will, yours to do with
what you desire

tell me your desires
let me colour yours with my stars
for they glitter only for you
and i would be but dust
without you

i spoke in you
you speak through me
your words O bard
burn within me
they burn me whole
i stand here in a daze

this fire within
what does it crave
come touch me this day
and bring me peace
my dreams O bard
they sing of burning thee


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