its so unbecoming – running after you
waking you daily with a smile
and see you shrug it off
disheartened to see your half hearted efforts
at making this work
i retire and withdraw
how long will I beg
how long will I run
i sit where you left me
under the same words where you left me
tired of this you are you say
what does that make me, I think
a pest, a leech, scum?
unravelling, i quit – stay happy!
i won’t be in your path again


2 thoughts on “unbecoming

    • isn’t love like that?
      humble always
      as much as i can see..
      where love is, ego can not be
      love want love’s joy and not much else,
      a smile on your beloved’s face
      thats all that love desires 🙂
      love, devoid of greed..

      just my musings
      thanks for the blessings
      hope you stay happy too 🙂

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