just like me

The sun is sinking into the sky
just like me.
wrapping the sky in cerulean and orange-gray veil
the sun is going away.
Making the sky persimmon bright
the sun fades away
just like me.
the sun is now leaving from within me too,
madder brown words and turquoise poems
my breath is gifting thee.
eyes turn pale and unclear
heart slowing down
today we are
no one to feel me
no one to hear thee


4 thoughts on “just like me

    • thanks for the compliments
      usually i avoid punctuations and grammar in my poems
      any capitalisation if occurred must have been a typo
      in my hands, either the raw feel can survive or the grammar 🙂
      either drama or grammar
      in caps n full stops, my poems and musing start looking like a tidy thing

      i apologise if it is inconvenient to read them this way, sorry

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