O color bearer

O color bearer
whence have you come
you have dyed my cloak
in such a color
it bears no other color anymore
repels all else
the color you touched me with
seeping into my heart
seeping into my wishes
merging into my dreams
making me loose the realities
as drunk as a fish in your oceans
i loose my perceptions
seeing what you show me
feeling what you make me feel
desperate desires sinking their claws into me
your colors seep under my skin
it doesn’t fade with washing up
your colors sparkle in the air i breathe
i breathe you in
and get drugged in your intoxicating scent
o color bearer mine
sit awhile
and stop tinkering
with your colors around me
let me look my fill of you for eternity
let me surround you in my own scent
let me touch your clean hands
with my color grubby ones
and stain you in our joined colors for once
still i hesitate and stop the stain from spreading in you
lest you feel what i feel
and ache the way i do


6 thoughts on “O color bearer

  1. Strong voice. Passionate poem. Thanks for the like on the 2nd part of the OM interview.
    If it interests any, “whence” means ‘come from’ so you don’t need “from” in that line. Hope that’s useful. Cheerleading your way.

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