The Blind at Your Doorstep

“To be blind is not miserable;not to be able to bear blindness , that is miserable.” John Milton


img_4512One of the universal comments about India is, ” Your senses will be assaulted” which is pretty much true….thus universal in truth.  What if you were unable to see the vibrant colors, the friendly smiles, the cows wondering in the streets, the monkey dangling from all sorts of places?  There are 15  million native Indians who are partially or totally blind and unable to see the incredible world around them. The population of the world’s  low or none seeing peoples is 37 millions. So India has 1 out of 3  of the non-sighted  people on earth. And guess what? 75% of these people in India could be treated and returned to sight.  The blindness is avoidable. 153 million need  reading glasses and there are only 20 optometrist schools in India with only 1000 graduates  a year. Think how we can buy a pair of reading glasses for just a few…

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3 thoughts on “The Blind at Your Doorstep

  1. Thank you ever so much for liking and reblogging this post on the Bilind in INdia. I hope you will visit my blog again soon and often. I have a post on Hearing and speech impaired Indian workers at KF in Ahmedabad… ( Kentucky Fired Chicken at Alpha One Mall). Namaste. . . .

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