embracing realities

if we were to stop
and think
why to be sad
there is so much to be grateful for
why to cry
when life brings so many treasures
maybe its a good thing
all our wishes are not fulfilled
may be its a blessing
we didn’t get what we desired
are these desires any good

let me pray for the joys this day brings
and send it to every sentient being
may we all embrace our presents and realities
and live life to its glorious true self
stop being sad
laugh o dear heart
and make the sun sparkle with your joy


6 thoughts on “embracing realities

      • it’s strange, i was so sad today, then i read your blog post – living as buddha , and it shifted my way of looking at the reality again,
        i cant do much being in bed rest, and sometimes, naah, most of the times my thinking gets skewed, and then i start penning really sad poems which again drag me down even more
        but today after i read your blog, i m trying to be upbeat ๐Ÿ™‚ and look at the illusion of it all objectively

      • You are welcome, Dear Runu, I am happy that my post had that effect! Truly we ARE light, just that the light of us gets skewed by all the crazy thoughts… My post intends to show us that we CAN still see the light, even in the most skewed things… with love, โ˜ผ tomas โ˜†

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