i wont pray today
neither will I fast
there won’t be any more poojas in my abode today
no bowing of my head in a holy place
no hands asking for anything for me
no closing my eyes in forgiveness too

my path is my priest
my mendicant’s footprints are my temple
In prasadam I have the dust from his cloak
In prayer my breath chants
his footsteps are my books holy
his abode my destination
he alone lives in here
it’s all empty as it is

even my bhikshu looks like an illusion
I should not have let him go
now I search for him
in every soul in every shadow
in the whole world

tired I sit in shade
and find him in my breath
my bhikshu lives within me
I won’t pray today any more
i find him in every one i meet
in every voice i hear he speaks
the whole world is mine he says
go live and love, he utters again
compassion is the only soulmate


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