who lives in these broken parts

the morning did not appear today, its the night that came back again
smiles didn’t appear today, my eyes watered up
the birdsong sounds unhappy
asking me who? who? who?
who is it living within these walls
nobody it is that lives within these shattered up parts
a sadness, a deserted silence, empty like a broken bowl

no one lives inside anymore
what may live here in this emptiness is a monster
alone laughs her bitter laugh
i do not dare sob now
it feeds the monster so
dancing to the beat of the children weeping
in pain , ecstatic this monster
bathes in my life songs
and rolls in it breaking it evermore

the bhikshu did not come today
mayhaps if he arrives, the demoness will hide
will sleep awhile curled in a crevice
but atleast for a while, disappear she might
for a while, i will smile


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