when will you wake up O krsna

when will you wake up O krsna
you sleep hiding your face
open your eyes and look at me a little
for a moment give me a smile while i gaze upon your face
my heart is sad, dying like a bird stuck in a cage
pain surrounds me
if you wake up and utter a few words smiling
the sun will rise with utter joy
relief will be born anew
this emptiness fill it o lord

and if you won’t, then I will surround myself
in this emptiness only
you may then sit alone holding your flute
and if your eyes search for me
and if you wont find me here
will you still be able
to smile, to talk, to go on

what am I saying O krsna O lord
if I am not your bard any more, there will be more
your name on my lips O cow herder
your words in my heart
with you I begin, within you I end
with every smile of yours my joys start

your laughs, your smile, your calling my name
my life my breath my love you are

come embrace me O krsna
make me yours
for I am lost without you
for I am no more without you
I can’t see the way in this dark
you are the glow in my lamp
my vision my heart


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