let me

a poem i started ages back, i found it today. continuing the lines i wrote, i wrote some more..

Let me hide it in my mind
So your feel is not lost

Let me look away,
so you don’t get an inkling

let me wipe my tears
so you don’t have pain
let me go o stranger
so i don’t get entrapped by your voice again

let me look away
your light burns bright
let me take away
so i do not stand in your way

let me pray some
so you may find peace too
let me be lonely
so i can go back to how it was

at this point in time
life brings me back to where i stood
the same precipice
calls me again

do i dare do i hope do i end do i begin
do i let this feeling die
do i let your fingers go, do i dare to survive
let me see what tomorrow brings
let me live without for a while
let me rest and soak it in
may we then begin anew
your song, my craze,
your glance my daze
your enchantment, my smiles


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