let me go

these feelings of mine
i puke them out
purging myself of them
O singer, this bard of yours pleads
let me go
let me die
the breath is too easy with you around
let me die in my pain

with you, i am either in the clouds
or lie broken in a deep crevice
looking up at the stars untouchable

i can never walk on this earth alongside you
never learnt how, will never learn to too

make me an enemy, renounce me and leave
bless me with a curse, utter it with your lips

joy you gave me, is too heavy
i can’t lift so many giggles
cant be a close one
let us carry an enmity
till death do us part

O stranger mine
having innumerable glasses of nectar in the past
can’t go on like this anymore
on a trickle now and then,
can’t go on, can’t survive

come kill me with a hug today
a hug laced in poison
a hug goodbye


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