in every pain

when the night sings its stories
I wrap my blanket tighter
tucking my legs in
I sleep squeezing my eyes shut tight

but ears remain wide awake
looking at every silent talk

how do I close my ears
my hands hold on to the blanket tight
keeping it stretched up to my lips
if I let go of it and close my ears
the blanket slips

then I shiver all night
cold then grabs me
in a bitter embrace

ever since I lost you
your songs keep me warm

songs spun in the Ganges
I get lost in these songs
I feel like dying drowning in these songs
but the cunning songs know my heart and dry up

they push my still feet
and sends me along
on the mud trail

again on some turn
I get tired
and wrapping myself
in ants, bugs and butterflies
I lie down and sleep

it doesn’t let me sleep too
this voice enchanting
hurts like the sweetest pain
dissolving nectar in my eyes
this sweet sweet sound

leaving this sound
now I listen to other many more sounds
so that then, maybe I will
in this medley
forget that sweet sweet sound

the sun’s rays come up
singing me a new poem
and the ants leave saying goodbye
the butterflies giggle and disappear
the bugs critter away

I then sit, curled up shivering
in the sun’s rays
in your voice
in every pain
in every burning stain
wrapped in my own arms


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