who came knocking at my steps

no one is here today.
the lane is empty
do you know why? i haven’t a clue
but then, maybe i do

did i not shut the doors myself
and now i sit pondering, someone will come
and turn these pages. there will be a sound
and my heart will spill over, and again i will think
maybe i should open the door, and see
who came knocking at my steps

though i am stuck where i stand
yellow turmeric soaked threads wrapping around me
i looked in the mirror today
coils of bloodied yellow stained threads
in them i stand lost

if i open the door today, how will i face the mirror then
how will i look up
how will my heart survive
how will it cry and weep broken sobs
for laughter and giggles will walk right in

my feet
stuck where i stand
all eyes follow my movement
and see where i walk
again pondering, am i mistaken
mayhaps its mine own eyes that follow me around
n see which way do i go

embarresed at my own reflection
i turn around and let the door sing its off key questions

no one resides in this house anymore
go away O wandering bard
my ears bleed with your enchanting songs
be merciful and stop awhile
i will breathe a few easy breaths

i look out the window, hiding behind the heavy drapes
looking at your sunken eyes
my eyelids freeze looking at you burning
you burn me too
from my toes all the way to my heart


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