a lamp of my own

let the pain be O mendicant
do not fill it with your words today
do not sing your sweet song
do not fill the spaces within my broken heart
do not let it heal
let it cut me as deep as it can
cos its all a selfish thing
it tells me to give up
and go beg him for a song
i can’t O mendicant, i can’t

let me rather beg for some more pain

to feel it fully
and cry and weep
let me fill my cracks with this pain
and immerse myself in sensations
and then
when the heart wont take it anymore
let the heart stop

holding your hand, with you by my side
i will walk
and if i lose you too today
let the darkness be my guide
i will light a lamp with your smiles
a light of my own
filled with the oil of pain and desire


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