its all a myth, its all a mirage
this mind O mine, who have you gotten lost in
how will one giggle now, how will one weep
in this crowd today, my heart is a stranger looking at me

a stranger i am
a stranger today
no more like him, not enough like you, not myself anymore

who do i call out, who do i sing to
i stop random strangers n sing them the poems
i wrote whilst listening to you

so shy in front of you
my heart beats faster
when i see your smile
my fingers shake, my ribs hurt too

what sleeps in between these ribs,
that warns and tells me
if i talk to you
or even steal a glance
it will leave me without a care

how do i speak, how do i stare
how do i pretend
i am like a stranger in this crowd,
i simply close my eyes n listen to you

silly feelings of mine, go fade away
bug some one else for a change

so many memories, sweet o so sweet
let me disperse off of them
let me dissolve them in ma ganga
and may i immerse myself too

and be reborn anew
and let there be no more ache
in between my ribs too

let there be peace in him too
let there be joy in you too

let there be no suffering in us all
cos if i am praying, why keep it small


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