come away with me today

walk with me o mendicant
walk along with me
take my hand, lets go together
i cant walk alone, its a drag

sleeping but not asleep
this craze is so weird
half dazed, half conscious – this consciousness
let it awaken
let it smile
let it engulf me and my desire
let me embalm me in its light
am tired of my body and my mind
the body craves the mind desires
the body aches the mind cries out
the body hurts the mind dreams

the heart hurts so bad
the mind desires so much
quieten O mind
let me hear my krsna’s flute
he is singing his song
let me embrace his voice for a change
my soul song he sings
a sweet drug
my ears melt
my heart is lost
my body forgotten
i run to you
don’t disappear like a sweet mirage
O Krsna, come away with me today


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