be my soul song

the heart beats so slow
it feels like its gonna stop today
like a pain in my chest
a pin pricking my heart – again n again n again

within me, without me
all around me – you surround me
i breathe you in and breathe you out
i smell of you n go enchanted with this drug

like blood in these veins, o my sweet sweet sweetheart
loving someone beyond love’s boundaries, beyond love’s imaginations
beyond all beyonds
when you are in me, where do i look for you
whom do i seek?
whom do i speak of?
whom do i wait for?
when you are me n i am you
in my lungs – you are my wind – my breath
on my tongue – you are the taste
in me – you are the feel

one day i will leave this body here
decrepit decaying festering n dying

be in me O krsna like a soul song

be my soul song
be my mendicant n guide me thru
n if u leave me too
i will find a way somehow someday

some smiling monk will come my way
n show me how to cry n pray


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